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G.E.M.S. GIRLZ offers a unique opportunity for girls aged 10-18 to engage in positive relationships with role models who guide and teach them to make informed choices, fostering their growth into successful members of society. Our mentors, who serve as counselors, fulfill various roles in the program:


1. Listen and provide support during challenging times.

2. Cultivate positive friendships and sisterhood.

3. Serve as a non-judgmental outlet for open communication.

4. Offer emotional support.


The primary goal of G.E.M.S. GIRLZ is to connect middle school to high school girls with accomplished women in the Central Florida area through a ten-month mentorship program. The program not only provides an opportunity to establish meaningful connections with professional women but also involves engaging in career-building experiences. Participants also have the chance to apply for and actively participate in community services, as well as join a youth-led ambassador and advocacy group, making the G.E.M.S. GIRLZ experience enriching and empowering for young girls.

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Authentic, one of the kind, unique

Psalm 139:14


Flawless, model, admirable


2 Timothy 2:15


Wise, alert, sensible

Philippians 4:13

Achiever, prosperous, affluent

Proverbs 16:3




The girls embark on a transformative journey with our annual leadership training, a retreat designed to empower young girls with the foundational principles of Proverbs 31. Utilizing the curriculum "Her: Becoming a Proverbs 31 Girl" by Emily Cole, our mentors will guide participants in studying Proverbs 31, delving into Scriptures to discover the unique qualities that God has instilled in each girl.


 The girls will engage in discussions on love for self and others, trust, diligence, wise decision-making, anxiety and worry management, public speaking, family relationships, and community. Our participants will engage in team-building activities during interactive workshops.


The goal we strive to achieve during this retreat is that the participant will gain an understanding and begin practicing wisdom, strength, trust, community, and respect—essential qualities for becoming a strong leader and a Proverbs 31 Girl.



IMPACT is a program to promote a series of life skills workshops with a focus on confidence-building and self-esteem, etiquette, finances, higher education, positive decision making, networking, career building, public speaking, and interviewing skills.


This program is aimed to point girls into making positive life choices and growing into womanhood. Some of the life skills we will be talking about are Relationships and Boundaries, Self-Esteem, Goal Setting, Exploring Character, Morals and Values, Money Wise 101, and High-Road to College.” In addition, mentors and mentees who are matched meet monthly in-person at a location of their mutual choosing and keep in touch weekly through phone, email, and text.



Throughout the program, I Am Woman Proverbs 31 Ministry and their partners host several experiential workshops called WOMEN EMPOWher GIRLZ. 


The goal of WOMEN EMPOWher GIRLZ is to empower mentees through the testimonies of other talented female professionals and equip them with the necessary skills to excel in the pursuit of their education and career aspirations. It is also a great opportunity for them to start networking and learn about various professional careers first hand.

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